Jānis Lazovskis

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Welcome to my personal home page. I am a graduate student working towards a doctorate in pure mathematics at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).


My work is in topological data analysis, with a strong algebraic flavor. Topics like persistent homology, the functoriality of TDA, and manifold reconstruction are mainly what I deal with. For more on my math work, please visit my page at UIC or my math blog. My CV is available here in English and here in Latvian.


In my spare time I take pictures, which can be viewed on my Flickr page or on my Instagram profile. The equipment I use is on my Lenstag profile. To develop the pictures I use Lightroom and Darktable.


I have also designed a few things, including posters, shirts, booklets, and websites, which can all be viewed on my Flickr page. I moslty use combinations of Illustrator and LaTeX with TikZ. Websites I write in Sublime Text, and my blog uses Blogger with MathJax.

Latvian things

I am involved in Latvian activities in my community. I have worked several years at the Latvian Center Garezers as a camp counselor, and in Chicago I volunteer as a teacher at the Krišjānis Barons Latvian School.

Some Latvian links:

math.uic.edu/~jlv  |  mat-blag.blogspot.com

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